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  • What is DEKit?
    DEKit is more than your average marine flooring. DEKit was built to withstand everything the avid angler has to throw at it. We built a product that we wanted on our personal vessels that would perform beyond what has been known as the industry standard. Our custom formulated closed cell flooring is anti-microbial, non slip, anti fatiguing decking designed to withstand the riggers you put your vessel through. If you do not compromise quality and demand the absolute best from your vessel then you are in the right place.
  • What is the warranty?
    DEKit pieces at the time of purchase are warranted to be free of defects. DEKit material comes with a 4 year workmanship and material warranty. The PSA adhesive cannot be warranted due to many outside issues that may be present during installation. Light Amplification is not covered under DEKit standard warranty, see light amplification tab below for more information regarding this topic. WARRANTY PDF
  • What is Light Amplification?
    Light amplification or sun burning occurs when sunlight reflects off gel coat or metal surfaces concentrating a beam of light similar to that of a magnifying glass. This magnification can expose DEKit to temperatures greater than its max operating temperature of 175 ̊F. LIGHT AMPLIFICATION PDF
  • How do I properly clean my DEKit?
    DEKit cleans best with soap, water and a stiff brissle brush. For difficult stains SoftScrub, Simple Green, 409, or bleach is recommended. Do not use acid-based cleaners such as Hull Cleaner. Keep in mind, just as blood left to sit and dry on non skid, will give you more trouble removing the stain. Reel in, bloody the DEK, rinse and repeat. CLEANING & CARE PDF
  • How is DEKit applied?
    DEKit uses an easy peel and stick application. We utilize strong a 3M pressure sensitive adhesive that prevents corner peeling and shrinking of your DEKit product from exposure. With proper application you can expect your DEKit to last 5-7 years.
  • Can I place DEKit over my existing non skid?
    Yes, absolutely. DEKit can be applied to a wide variety of non skid. If you have any questions about your non skid and proper application please contact us.
  • If I need to cut my DEKit, what is the best method?"
    Use fresh razor blade for accurate cuts and best results. We recommend keeping a few blades handy if you are doing multiple cuts.
  • What is the largest single DEKit sheet I can order?
    DEKit sheets are 40" x 80".
  • How long will my DEKit last?
    DEKit can be expected to last 5-7 years. With proper care you DEKit you can extend the life of your floor. Keeping your boat covered or stored indoors goes a long way.
  • How long will DEKit adhere?
    With proper surface preparation at the time of installation your DEKit products can expect to stick to your surface for 5-7 years.
  • Does DEKit get hot?
    With our closed cell structure DEKit will disperse and reduce heat. Keep in mind that darker colors will be warmer to the touch than lighter foams, but will not exceed heats uncomfortable to touch.
  • How do I prep the surface?
    We recommend starting with Dawn Soap and water for your initial prep. Let dry. Then use Isopropyl alcohol to further clean the surface. Let dry. After, you will be ready to start laying down your DEKit product.
  • Can you do custom logos?
    Yes we absolutely can custom cut logos. All we need from you is a vector file of your logo and we can create a custom DEKit product for you.
  • Is DEKit pet friendly?
    Many people use DEKit to keep pets firmly planted on the boat, however DEKit is made from PE/EVA foam material, so if scratched or clawed at enough, the product will tear or rip. With this being said, DEKit’s closed-cell material will not absorb water if punctured. DEKit is not warranted against pet damage.
  • Will the product stain?
    DEKit is extremely stain resistant, however a few substances, such as fuel stabilizers, bird droppings, rust, and mustard can be problematic if not attended to in a timely manner. Prompt attention to these types of spills will ensure easy removal.
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